Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jan-March Getting to busy to blog all the time! Narrated by Olivia

Finally a pic of my mom, everyone keeps asking for a pic of my mom. She is usually on the other end of the camera takin the pics... And sometimes looking tooo tired to be having pictures taken of her! ha ha
We just celebrated my daddy's 33rd! birthday. It was special and relaxing. He had a massage at the Dolphin Bay Hotel and we had brunch at the Cliff's resort- we enjoyed ourselves and felt like tourists.!

One of my favorite little fuzzy toys.

Grandma Karen, yippee, we have a standing date on Mondays, Mom get's to go to the gym and I hang with my grandma.

First camping trip. A few weekends ago we packed up and "camped" at Avila Port beach with our friends Steve, Patty and Gina Mongillo! Mom and dad stuck me in between the two of them in the camper- it was toooo cold for me to sleep alone.

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