Friday, May 15, 2009

Great Grandma and Grandpa

EASTER at Biddle Park, finally a pic with Mom and Dad!

What month is this? ... May...already?

Olivia will be 7 months old on the 19th of this month! Wow! Has the time flown, everyone says it does but I am really seeing firsthand how quickly the time passes. The amazing thing is watching her grow and explore daily. She noticed a bird flying overhead the other day and nearly flipped over backwards to watch it! New tricks, waving... at herself and sometimes others... the indian- hitting her hand on her mouth making the indian sound- sooo cute! She is getting up on her knees, rocking and army crawling a bit- especially when coaxed with a cell phone...or other interesting object! Okay- now for pictures! This will be a mish mash of all we've done in the last few months... easter...camping at Avila Port beach... etc. Enjoy! Below are photos of us at the good ol' Oceano dunes!