Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Eve and Making Sugar Cookies

These photos are from Christmas Eve with Grandma Tutu and Great Grandma Genie. We had a great time that evening sharing great food and opening gifts with the family.

Here we, Auntie Alyssa and I baked and decorated god know's how many dozen sugar cookies and iced each one with TLC. As a family, we have always enjoyed baking goodies around the holidays. Sugar cookies are my fave- so we peprched Miss Olive up on the counter and she watched with delight- next year this will be even more fun when Olivia can help roll and decorate sugar cookies!

As you can see Olive is growing- she is now 2 months old- she weighs in at 11 lbs and 23 inches! Her neck and back are getting increasingly stronger- which is nice- not such a googly little baby anymore! Mike and I are getting into the swing of things- somewhat- the other night I asked him if he ever felt like a "hamster on a wheel." He didn't seem to understand what I meant- those of you women who have/ had kids probably can relate. It's now 10pm and I'm finding that this is a good time to get some things done- read, check email, clean house and bleach my teeth, hahah! Enjoying every day- day by day- watching Olivia grow. Grandma Jackie Relyea- or "Tutu" she has been coined, which stands for "hawaiian grandma" recently picked us up sign for Olivia's room which I think sums it all up- "such a big miracle in such a little girl!" Well goodnight for now- hope all are well, glad to get to share this with all of you, xoxo karlie

New pics of Olive