Monday, October 27, 2008

Olivia's Visitors... lots of love!

So we have had some visitors in the last week!
Grandma Jackie Relyea... she is so proud!
No shortage of love around here!
My nieces: Rose, Grace and Faith Salitore! Smile for the camera- they are going to be my best babysitters!

Grandpa Paul and Barbara Salitore! Thanks for all the help and good meals! We are definitely not starving- that is for sure!

... and the boys- Griffin, Bryce and Mason Lintner- they were saying "tah dah!" ... such sweet boys!

First Photo Shoot with Auntie Amy

Dad's hands
What a smile...

...and a yawn...


We think she's part tree sloth. hahahahhahahha!

Olivia: Week One

Welcome to the world little miss Olivia Camille! Born October 19, 2008, 2:50 pm, at Sierra Vista Hospital. What an amazing week it has been since you entered our lives! Your papa has all the sudden stopped watching television and started staring into your eyes, he doesn't want to miss any of your smiles, winces and grunts. Myself- not much of a morning person, now seem to enjoy the wee hours of the morning we are spending together- chatting, eating, and exchanging smiles in the dark!